What makes a great Christmas party?

What makes a Christmas party great? When you want your guests to wake up the following morning with a smile on their face, how do you make that happen?

Based on years of experience organising fabulous festive frolicking, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things which guarantee an amazing Christmas party.

The people

A truly brilliant party has a well-planned guest list. With the right combination of people, the party atmosphere fizzes like a firecracker. With the wrong combination…

Well, we’ve all been there. Ever arrived at a party where you only know the host? Or unexpectedly bumped into an ex over the canapés? Awkward.

If you’re planning a Christmas party, make sure each guest knows and likes at least one other person in the room.

The perfect party has a mix of people you already know and friendly people you’d like to know better. It includes both extroverts and introverts, skilled conversationalists and excellent listeners.

The lighting

`Ooh, I do love a brightly lit party venue’, said no one, ever.

Lighting can make or break a party atmosphere. It’s a cheerful `yes’ to twinkling Christmas lights, uplighters and candles.

It’s a big fat `no’ to overhead house lights which make everyone look terrible — or uber-cool, dim nightclub lighting. You don’t want guests bumping into the Christmas tree.

The decor

Ideal Christmas party decor is a question of taste. Some people adore tinsel, paper chains, glitzy shiny things and reindeer. They’ll happily spend the whole of December in a Santa hat.

Others would rather bite their own arms off. They prefer the tasteful, minimalist approach. A single sprig of holly, a few pine cones and perhaps a poinsettia.

To be honest, there’s no such thing as perfect Christmas decor. It’s your party. Go with what you like the best.


The effortless hosting

Some hosts make Christmas parties look easy. Other hosts… Well, not so much.

It’s all about forward thinking.

Take drinks, for example. It’s lovely to be welcomed with a glass of fizz. However, as a host, you don’t want to be jumping in and out of the kitchen like an overexcited puppy each time the doorbell rings.

Here’s a good tip: 

Have the fizz poured before everyone arrives.

Your guests will love it. Even if your hosting duties stop right there, you’ve made a superb first impression. You’re calm and in control so your guests can relax, knowing the party’s going to be a good one.

The food

A memorable party involves food.

It’s OK, you don’t have to be Nigella Lawson. Who cares if it’s from the party aisle in Iceland? Just present it well, and your guests will appreciate it.

One thing to bear in mind.. 

Put the food where you want people to be. If you want your guests in the sitting room, put the food in the sitting room. If it’s in the kitchen, everyone will stay in the kitchen.

The laughing

Think back to the best Christmas parties in your life. The chances are, those parties were memorably fabulous because you had a good laugh.

If you’re hosting your own party this Christmas, how do you make sure everyone remembers it for all the right reasons.

Let’s start with music. Without music, a party can feel like a committee meeting. Your most stress-free option is to make a playlist.

Include several hours of music which move things along — chilled to begin with, then gradually livening up to the irresistible tunes which get everyone shaking their tail feather.

You could organise activities, but only if all your guests will want to join in. Some people adore daft party games, while others may hide in the toilet… or make an excuse about the babysitter and run away.

Here’s an idea which pleases pretty much everyone:

A home-made photo booth. Hang up loads of tinsel as a backdrop and place a Polaroid instant camera nearby. Fill a box with a variety of dressing-up props and leave your guests to it.

Seriously, it works every time.

The host

We’ve put this one last, but in many ways it’s the most important. As a host, don’t forget to have fun!

No one wants to feel that the hosting duties are stressing you out. If you genuinely enjoy the party then your guests will too. They’ll feel warmly welcomed and glad to be there.

Don’t worry about making everything perfect. So you didn’t have time to clean the kitchen floor. No one will notice. The food won’t win Masterchef. Who cares? Just have a good time.

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