From £595+VAT

Perfect for 8 to 40 guests

Start times – 6.30pm onwards

About the venue…

Already have your own venue? Then prepare for a visit from Sherlock Holmes with this fantastic interactive murder mystery package!

Prior to the event up to 18 of your guests would be assigned character roles and supplied with alibis, secrets and motives. On the day itself our detective, Sherlock Holmes, will attend the venue to question each of the suspects. The plot unfolds as each guest discovers their part in the events that resulted in the murder, finally leading to the shocking revelation that one of them is a killer!

Have some guests that would rather take a back seat? Sherlock is always grateful of extra detectives to help him find the murderer! Our murder mystery events run best over a lunch or dinner party, with questioning taking place during the welcome drinks and in between courses although we can usually work around any format you require.

Sherlock Holmes actor

Two and a half hour performance

Scripting, casting and props

Clue kits and prizes for the best detectives

At all of our parties we want our guests to feel comfortable and have a great time.

Our interactive murder mystery nights work really well when guests dress up as the parts that they will be playing e.g. police officer, wealthy baroness etc although we don’t strictly enforce a dress code so we’ll leave the decision up to you and your guests.

Timings can be flexible but will need agreeing with our actors prior to booking.


When combined with a three course meal, this event would usually last around 2.5 hours.

  • Your venue will need to have a private event space so that the performers can be heard.
  • The actors will need a private space in order to change costume, store props and wait whilst you are eating (a toilet isn’t suitable for this!).
  • A choice of scripts will be available for you to choose from and pre-assigned parts will be allocated to those guests who want to participate. This will all be arranged prior to the event and then carefully managed on the night itself by our experienced actor.
  • We require a deposit of £30+VAT per guest in order to secure your booking, the final balance is due four weeks before the party.

“…the event was amazing! Honestly!
My guests had so much fun. Your actor adapted in situation really well and was just a really lovely guy and played the character very well. Thank you all so much”

Private Interactive Murder Mystery

Actor images…

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